The 4,941 Neath Savers batten down the hatches with low interest rates set to continue into the 2020’s

You might ask, what has the plight of the Neath savers to do with the Neath Property Market … everything in fact. Read the newspapers, and every financial wizard is stating that with the decision of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee in early August to cut the Bank of England base rate to an all time low of ...
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Great Rental Buy in Briton Ferry, Neath

If you're looking for a ready-to-rent property in Briton Ferry, this could be a good deal. On the market with the guys over at PJC, here's the Rightmove link; http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62082491.html Over the years we've managed (and continue to manage) a sizeable number of properties in and around Regent Street East, Briton Ferry. Its always been, and for my view, always will be, a ...
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What will the 0.25% Interest Rate do for the Neath Property Market?

I had an interesting chat with a Bryncoch landlord who owns a few properties in the town. He popped his head in to my office as his wife was shopping in the area (and let’s be honest talking about the Neath Property Market is a lot more interesting than shopping!). We had never spoken before (because he uses another agent in ...
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Only 33.7% of Neath Rented Properties have Children living in them.

A few weeks ago I was asked a fascinating question by a local Councillor who, after reading the Neath Property Blog, emailed me and asked me – “Are Neath Landlords meeting the Challenges of tenanted families bringing up their families in Neath?” What an interesting question to be asked. Irrespective of whether you are tenant or a homeowner, to bring up a ...
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Great rental potential in Cimla, Neath

Well... this time last week I was in Mexico, and that's why there was no property deal. I dont normally do "pool holidays" because I get bored easily, but we thought we'd give it a go... I did get bored, but it was still fantastic. Cancun is like paradise.... Much like Neath! OK onto this week's deal... On the market with the good ...
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